Net@Education is an integrated internet sharing, accelerator, control, monitoring and reporting software. It reduces the bandwidth cost and provides web content filtering and blocking unsuitable web content by the user.
Webpage Caching (Off line browsing)
Website blocking and filtering – Pop up blocker & Advt. removal
Online Privacy Protection Options for all users in the network
Logging of traffic and page access statistics
Built in Proxy server and also supports any http (web) proxy server software.
Option to enable direct connection to remote server port through https connection
Restrict users from downloading large files - movies, music files, by setting a limit in megabytes (MB)
Disable caching of specific websites.
Secure Proxy (SSL) service required to access Secure (https) sites
Option of creating white list of websites
Option of creating IP wise website restriction.
Supports no. of concurrent users based on the bandwidth.
Preload Websites
Restrict what internet services can be used, for example Controls access to Internet Messaging Chat and other extra curricular activities
Packet inspection firewall
Internet sharing based over the network based on the bandwidth.
Increased productivity: eliminates unproductive web browsing
Activity molding filtering: restricted access to other but work related web sites
Speed up web browsing and file downloads
Save bandwidth and money
Records browsing activity of the users
User wise Internet control
Enhanced network security and performance: Website blocking and filtering
Set a limit in Mb for downloading
Speeds up browsing for even single user / Home user / networked multiple users
Creates an additional Revenue stream for the educational institution
Provides Comprehensive Reports on Internet usage, URLs visited, pages accessed, attempted abuse and bandwidth utilization.
Reports on xml based / Excel files
Protects user’s online privacy by filtering incoming and outgoing Cookies
Teachers can pre-load a cache with particular web sites in advance of a lesson, either by simply visiting the required sites. When teachers and students wanted to use this content they would then be accessing it from the LAN rather than from the Internet.
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