bkSMS assists you to rapidly connect with your customers and staff, communicate with them easily and cheaply no matter their location, using a technology that has become common place, SMS.
Short Messaging Service (SMS) has gained tremendous popularity in many countries and today, there are many corporations who are using SMS for simple messaging, communication, CRM and even e-commerce and transactional based applications.
bkSMS Software is designed for all companies, regardless of size. bkSMS is built with the intention to lower your Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and can be used for multiple applications.
bkSMS is designed as an Out-of-The-Box SMS product. This means the fastest and most economical way for you to get your SMS system up and running in just minutes!
bkSMS is a fast and cost-effective way of communicating with geographically dispersed customers or employees.
2-Way SMS messaging – Send and receive reply from the recipient to your PC
No Hardware Upgrade - Your existing computer is more than adequate
No more Sore Thumbs - Compose and Send SMS from your computer
Easy to manage Phonebook - Create and maintain your own groups of mobile numbers giving complete flexibility.
Message Log - Keep a log of messages sent, received, failed.s
Scheduled Messaging - type your SMS and send later – set your preferred date and time for sending.
Autoreply - Auto-respond to SMS based on keywords in incoming SMS messages
SMS MERGE – Personalize each copy of SMS message (Advanced version)
Outbox - Allow you to have a final check on the outgoing SMS before you Send.
Sent - Stores all sent SMS for your reference.
Reports - Phonebook reports, Inbox, Sent, Failed messages reports for any date. Print reports or save to html, text files.
Internet connection not required.
Reduce your phone bill
Sending a text is cheaper than the cost of a phone call.
Timely reminders
Ensure that clients don't miss their appointments. If a missed ppointment would cost you time and money then SMS is a cheaper way of sending reminders than any other media.
Convenient communication
It's much easier to send a message using your standard keyboard instantly than using a mobile phone keypad.
Secure Messaging
Messages received are stored on your local system. You can be sure your information is confidential at all times.
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