Mail@Office is an easy-to-maintain, fully featured mail server that provides email capability to every computer in a network with just one Internet connection. Mail@Office saves you money by removing the need for getting a separate Internet account, phoneline and modem for each user who wants to access email in your network.
It works with any type of Internet connection be it Dialup, ISDN, ADSL, Cable modem, or satellite connection. It also works on a local area network with no Internet connection. It is very easy to install, configure and use.
Turns any Windows 95 or NT system into an Internet or intranet mail gateway.
Internet and Intranet POP3/SMTP Mail server.
Client Independent - Supports any standard pop3/ SMTP clients like Eudora, Pegasus, Netscape Communicator, MS Outlook etc.
Supports multiple domains in a single LAN.
Support Socks proxy.
Auto Dialer is to check mails to and from the server and disconnect.
Scheduler for 24 hrs connectivity to check mails and send mails.
Multiple POP with individual configuration settings.
Auto responder with the original headers for individual mailboxes.
SMTP Authentication to support POP / authenticated SMTP services
Email Filtering/ forwarding based on the headers like From, Subject, and etc.
Email Filtering/ forwarding based on the headers like From, Subject, and etc.
Email archiving for both incoming and outgoing mails of the organization.
Remote administration of netMailshar as an administrator via browser.
Web based access to clients to change password and check mails.
Remote connect and disconnect for send and receive operation.
Gateway SPAM / Virus Filtering
Single instance Archiving
Alias Users Policy
Centralised Address Book
Intranet Webserver
Gateway level Protection for Anti SPAM / Anti virus for email users across the LAN.
Better Email policy can be adopted to save Bandwidth / Cost.
Centralized storage of email with full access to administrator for backup and restore options.
Track and Monitor the Email usage across the LAN.
Provides centralized updations / privileges to access the common contact details for the users in the LAN.
Option to Manipulate the Email usage reports on the users need through your MS Excel functions.
Overall it provides centralized Administration of emails in all aspects.
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